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Consulpav, winner of IRF global research award for RARx

Pavements in Indonesia are subjected to extremely high rainfall and ultra violet radiation which promote rapid pavement deterioration, as evidenced in cracking and potholing occurring in as little as two to three years after paving.

RARX was tested in Jakarta (Indonesia) in a short length section to see whether the RARX could be successfully used in Indonesia and perform as claimed. This trial pavement test section was constructed on an arterial road, with heavy truck traffic, at a turning intersection and performed as predicted, no cracking or potholing.

After the success of the trial section, RARx was used to overlay a recently built concrete toll road (100000 vehicles per day/15% trucks) that had badly cracked after only three years of service. The use of RARX provided improved pavement structure properties to reduce cracking, reduce the effect of UV damage, provide a water proof membrane seal coat and provide a long-life pavement structure with improved elastic properties.


Thanks to this great achievement, the Indonesia JORR W2 Toll Road project received the IRF Global Achievement award (GRAA) in the research category

“for Consulpav, Winning the IRF Global Road Achievement Award (GRAA) is a recognition of the years of research and development of the reacted and activated rubber dry powder (RARX) and recognition of the superior elastic properties it imparts to the pavement structure.”


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