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SILENT RUBBER PAVEMENTS project main goal is to market uptake and achieve a wider deployment of the RARX technology , based in a patent of CONSULALPV, that has the best of both methods:

  • Easy to apply and use as in the “dry method”
  • Performance and cost effectiveness beyond that of the “wet method”

To enter in the global market, two large companies (Valoriza SM- Composan) have made an agreement with a specialized SME (Consulpav, a first industrial applicant) who has developed and patented the RARX technology to exploit at European level. SACYR, a multinational pavement construction company present in more than 20 countries, will be the responsible for the pilot construction in different climate and evaluation. Our distributor in Italy, FHL group will assist the consortia in internationalizing our commercialization strategy.


Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales S.A. (VALORIZA) is part of the international Sacyr Group.  VALORIZA focuses on the following areas:

  • Street and beach cleaning and waste collection;
  • Landscaping and ground maintenance;
  • Parking  lots  and  urban  mobility:  parking meter,  operation  of  parking  lots,  road signs, access control, towing service);
  • Waste treatment and  management:  plant  construction  and  operation, including recycling, biomethanisation, composting, incineration and landfill  environmental recovery, byproducts management and sales).

VALORIZA  completes  the  recovery  and  recycling  cycle  through  the  management  of  sub‐products recovered in the Solid Urban Waste treatment plants. By managing and selling many recovered materials ‐ paper, iron, aluminum, plastics, etc. ‐ we recover waste and turn it into  raw materials for the recycling industry.


Composan  Industrial  and  Technology  one  of  the largest 100% Spanish households. has its origins in  1925, and   has  its  activity  in the manufacture, marketing, packaging and handling  of  Asphalts, asphalt  emulsions,  modified  asphalts  and  slurries.

With  factory  in  Valdemoro  (Madrid),  the  organization  has  always worked with a clear vocation to offer both  from  the  production  and  distribution  of products  as  from  the  advice  from  them tailored  solutions  to  unique  problems  of special responsibility .

Composan Industrial and Technology is present not only in Spain, but has expanded its activity to dozens of countries on five continents, which has achieved international recognition.


CONSULPAV is an internationally recognized company with 27 years of success, specialized in  Design,  Characterization,  Management  and  Supervision  and  Quality  Control  of  road  and  airfield  pavements  consulting.

It  is  composed  by  a  solid  team  of  engineers  and  technicians,  and  equipped  with  a  high  performance laboratory and field equipment for pavement characterization. «Our mission is to  answer  our  clients,  rapidly and  timely,  ensuring  the  highest  quality and  maintain  a  constant  involvement  in  research  projects  and  developing  new  technologies.  In  a  scenario  of  change  and need  for  globalization  of  businesses, we have the  vision  of  consolidating our  position  in  the international markets, aiming for opportunities for sustained growth»

CONSULPAV provides consulting services on road and airfield pavements, through a specalized team of engineers.We have a vast experience in this field, which allows us to proudly provide the highest reliability and quality in our work.

  • SACYR 

Sacyr Construction operates in all areas of civil engineering and building . It is present in some of the major projects worldwide in works of great complexity characterized by their size or technical difficulty, as the Panama Canal expansion.

Regarding the type of work performed , Sacyr Construction works in road transport , rail , water , airport , port and urbanization , high-speed rail lines , subways, airports , highways, motorways , etc. . and has great presence in works of public and private buildings.

Besides activity in Spain , Sacyr Construction carried out an intense international activity conducted through subsidiaries implemented locally with local teams also work. Thus, this activity Sacyr Construction deal in Spain , Chile, Costa Rica , Ireland, Panama , Algeria , Israel, Somague in Portugal , Angola, Cape Verde and Brazil, and SIS in Italy.


FHL GROUP S.R.L. is an LTD Company that has been operating since 2003  in the field of the commercialization of products specifically  aimed  to  the  maintenance,  construction  and  improvement  of  bitumen  conglomerates  for  the  past  twelve  years  and  has  therefore  a  solid  experience  and  knowledge of this market on the Italian territory.   It  has  a  long  experience  in    the  commercialization  of  products  of    high  environmental  sustainability  and many of the FHL Group customers are  leading companies in the road paving  industry,  ,  that  shares  the need  of  using environmentally  friendly  products,  investing on  the  quality thereof.

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