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The Project

Silent Rubber Pave is a H2020 EU funded international project that will make circular economy a reality in the pavement industry.

The goal is to take a cutting edge technology known as RARX from lab scale to large scale in less than 3 years. RARX allows a new way of making asphalt by using crumb rubber from End of Life Tires (ELTs) as an additive, while bypassing all the usual drawbacks of this kind bituminous mixes at once. For more information about RARX, you can check our product page.

The project is divided in 5 main Work Packages to assure a successful completion:

  1. Upscale Crumb Rubber Production
  2. Develop RARX Production
  3. Optimize RARX Deployment
  4. Demonstrate Environmental and Regulatory Compliance
  5. Test RARX Effectiveness With Pilot Constructions

Silent Rubber Pave is part of the future of circular economy, as it will grant a second opportunity to old tires to join the roads in a new, ecologically friendlier, and more silent way.

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