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RARx means high technology servicing the road:

  • It takes advantage of the simplicity of the road.
  • It is capable of obtaining beter performances than that of wet roads.

Additve with similar performances to those of polymers. As pneumatc powder makes up 60 % of its compositon, this product becomes highly ecological. It is designed to be used directly in agglomerated asphalt plants.

NFU powder transforms into a factory by a wet process to be used through a dry process.

  • It is incorporated in a similar way to that of fllers in agglomerated plants
  • It does not produce energy cost overruns during asphalt manufacture.
  • It does not decrease the plant’s productvity.

  • It is incorporated directly to the asphalt plant pug mill.
  • It has already been actvated previosuly so that it can be directly integrated with the mixture.
  • It allows creatng thinner layers than those of standard mixtures.
  • It enhances ambient conditons by producing 5 decibels “less” than a standard mixture


Bituminous mixtures manufactured with RARX show evidence of a potental increase in fatgue resistance and, consequently, in the asphalt pot life.


In the laboratory tests undertaken with RARX in mixtures with bitumen (50—70) we reach, afer 5 minutes, similar viscosity levels to those of pneumatc powder afer one hour of digeston. This clearly shows an enhancement in the performances of asphalt mixtures with RARX.


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