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CIRTEC and Dr. JORGE SOUSA sign a worldwide and lifelong agreement for the industrialization and placing on the market of the RARx additive

Today, 01/24/19, the company CIRTEC, and its proprietary companies VALORIZA MEDIOAMBIENTE and COMPOSAN INDUSTRIAL, have sealed the worldwide and lifelong agreement for the industrialization and commercialization of the world patent for the RARx additive.

Dr. Jorge Sousa, engineer and inventor of the product, has dedicated most of his professional life to the research and development of asphalt mixtures with tire dust. For more than 30 years, he has worked in more than 50 countries and has been able to work with the most prestigious universities and technology centers. The development of the RARx has been its greatest milestone, since it has been the true solution for asphalt, as it is an additive for direct use in the plant and that allows the manufacture of asphalts with a high rubber content, without any kind of difficulty or extra cost for the asphalt company.

This additive, made up of 60% of tire dust out of use, has shown in 2018, its first year of life, that it is a true solution for the road and for the sector. CIRTEC, thanks to RARx, has managed to revolutionize the asphalt sector both in Spain and in other countries such as Germany, Portugal, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. In 2018, around 2,000 tons of RARx were placed on the market.

CIRTEC, a company created by Valoriza Medioambiente and Composan Industrial, is the first company created under a single corporate purpose, which is to create technical solutions and services that make the circular economy on the road real. Under its main product, RARx, it has developed other services, such as the manufacture of modified bitumens with in-situ tire dust. For the circular economy to be possible, companies that bet on technological solutions and innovation are necessary. In this sense, CIRTEC has shown that the circular economy is an opportunity, managing to reuse some 400,000 equivalent used tires in just one year. This figure is a milestone if we consider that in 2016 less than 300 tons of dust were consumed in Spain throughout the Spanish sector.

The RARx and CIRTEC is an example of a circular economy, and clearly demonstrates that caring for the environment does not have to be at odds with quality and competitiveness in asphalt works.

At the signing of the agreement, there was an exceptional witness, Mr. Juan Jose Potti, Executive President of ASEFMA. ASEFMA is the association of Spanish asphalt mixture manufacturing companies, a sector to which CIRTEC intends to provide a real service with its RARx additive. It so happens that both VALORIZA MEDIOAMBIENTE and COMPOSAN INDUSTRIAL are companies associated with ASEFMA.

The signing of this agreement is a demonstration that Spanish companies are once again at the forefront of environmental engineering and technology, since the agreement creates the basis for a project with a global perspective, which is committed to the circular economy, under the objective to provide a quality product service to a market sector as demanding in its technique as the road sector.

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